Friday, August 6, 2021

Davao City PH gets headway support from Japan

Davao City PH gets headway support from Japan, Davao Sikat

DAVAO CITY - The 22-part Davao City designation heading out in Japan to advance the city said it got guarantees from Osaka's private and public area to advance Duterte's old neighborhood as a travel industry and speculation objective in the district. 

"There are responsibilities from Osaka authorities and finance managers to assist with elevating Davao City to Osaka occupants and the business local area," Lemuel Ortonio, head of the Davao City Investment Promotion Center, said on Tuesday, October 17. 

Ortonio is in Osaka, Japan's second-biggest metropolitan get-togethers capital of Tokyo, with Davao money managers addressing Floirendo's Damosa Land Inc, Yovel East Research and Development Inc, Bloomers Travel and Tours, Eden Nature Park and Resort, Gasera Corporation, Waterfront Insular Hotel, and Ana's Breeders Farms in affiliating with Suy Chicken Corporation... 

Their fundamental target is to advance the city as a travel industry and speculation objective in the Asia Pacific district. In an explanation shipped off media, Ortonio said they plan to improve linkage and organizations with Japan as far as speculation, exchange, and the travel industry. 

"We trust these will mean genuine visits and interests in Davao," he added. 

As indicated by Ortonio, the responsibility came from the authorities of the Osaka City Government International Relations Department, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and different travel industry affiliations, visit administrators, and travel services in Osaka City. 

During their visit to Osaka, they were informed of the products that are of interest in the city through a visit to the Osaka Central Wholesale Market Honjo. 

The roadshow is the first in quite a while, said Oronio. The last business and the travel industry mission started by the neighborhood government was in Singapore. 

Following Osaka, the agents will likewise visit Kyoto, Yokohama, and Tokyo, he said. 

Davao's binds with Japan can be followed back to the frontier period. One town here, Barangay Mintal, turned into a Japanese settlement during the World War II. 

The town is at present being created to turn into Davao's "Little Tokyo" through the help of the Tourism Infrastructure and Investment Zone Authority. 

As of late, the city likewise opened a biodiesel plant which is a joint endeavor between the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The office is pointed toward reusing utilized cooking oil from families into biodiesel fuel. 

The yield of the office is right now being utilized to run government-claimed dump trucks. - Davao Sikat

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